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Mrs. Kirstin Zan | Stylist + R&B Queen

You’ve already met Aisle Style owners Jade and Caitlin, so we thought it was time to introduce one of our Lead Stylists, the amazing Kirstin a.k.a K-Zan!

Q. What is your favourite wedding venue down south and why?
I think my favourite venue down here would be Laurance Winery. The venue is so beautiful and the staff are so wonderful to work with which makes our jobs as stylists all that more enjoyable.

Q. What do you love most about your job and why?

I LOVE my job. The thing I like most is seeing everything come together on the day. After the months and months of planning, meetings, sourcing, co-ordinating, email and blood sweat and tears on the day, it is so wonderful to stand back and take a moment to see what you have created. Knowing that you are creating the surrounds where two people will declare their love for each other and become husband and wife is such a beautiful thing. Being around love is a lovely thing.

Q. Tell us a bit about your career background and how it led you to where you are today…

Well my career background has always been serving people and making sure they are happy. I was a flight attendant for 12 years with most of those years being a business/first class International flight attendant. Travelling the world, serving famous people and making sure that each and every detail of their journey was perfect. I guess in a way that is what I strive to make my brides feel, from the moment we first have contact via email I want to make them feel like they are my one and only client. I want her to feel as though she has my full and undivided attention from the start until she is off on her honeymoon!

Q. Best place for cocktails in Margaret river?

Morries, hands down!

IMG_9891 (1)

Q. As a guest, what is the best part of a wedding?

Music! Get a great DJ that can keep your guests on that dance floor… oh and the food and the drinks and the venue 🙂

Q. Who do you admire most in the industry?

Empire. I love working with Clare from Empire, she is so lovely and easy to work with and helps us bring different elements into our styling with her gorgeous range of larger furniture. I also love The Lane!

Q. What does a usual day (if there is such a thing) look like for you?

Hmmm I like to have routine, being a working mumma of two boys and having a FIFO husband I try and live by routine. We are up at 7am then its breakfast, making school lunches, showering, repeating myself 74 times to “find your shoes” then it is off to school. I try and do all of my emails, meetings, housework and dinner cooking all before the 3pm school pick up. After school it’s homework time, beach or skatepark, dinner then bed. Once the boys are in bed it’s housework time again, and I like to sneak in some reality TV before I am off to bed! Weekends are a little crazy during the wedding season especially if hubby is away. Not only am I getting myself ready to help create someones dream day, I am getting ready to palm the boys off to one of my WONDERFUL friends. I honestly could not be doing this job without the support of great friends and my wonderfully flexible, understanding best friend and boss (you know who you are!)

Q. Lastly – your favourite colour palette at the moment for a reception or ceremony?

I am all over white, white and more white! 🙂

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