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Stylist Secrets | Meet Aisle Style Owner Jade

Q. Have you always loved styling, and ‘making things pretty’? What experiences can you remember from childhood?

Jade: Always! I was always the perfectionist. From creating life-size cubby houses in the trees to miniature barbie mansions with any thing I could get my hands on.

Q. Where did you both grow up and how has this shaped your lifestyle and careers?

Jade: I’ve grown up on a large property in the northern suburbs of Perth. It has definitely influenced my creative side always experimenting and trying new things. I was always outside exploring or working with my Dad in the nursery getting my hands dirty. This has definitely given me the drive and passion to turn Aisle Style into the business it is today.

Q. What do you love most about your job?

Jade: Meeting and working with so many amazing people, the fact I get to explore my creative side with every bride I meet and seeing the end result, and also keeping active and being in the sunshine. I just love outdoor weddings. Above all, seeing our clients smiling faces on the big day!

Q. What is your favourite part of a wedding?

Jade: The dance floor and the dessert!

Q. If you were styling a wedding on a remote desert island, what three essential decor items or tools would you take with you and why?

Jade: Scissors and twine, to snip away and create decorations from palm trees leaves and of course a bride can’t walk down the aisle without a bouquet! Also, candles, lighting is one of the most important things to create that magical and intimate atmosphere.

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